Why install a Dust Extraction Solutions Reverse Pulse Collector?DESIGN-SUPPLY-INSTALL DUST AND FUME CONTROL EQUIPMENT

Dust Extraction Solutions markets the most rugged and reliable Dust Collector. Buying from Dust Extraction Solutions guarantees you a custom-designed, quality system. We engineer solutions to your dust problems to ensure a safe and healthy work place.

Too often the importance of selecting the correct air to media ratio is forgotten by dust collector specifiers and designers, but at Dust Extraction Solutions, we understand that the secret of a good dust collector is its ability to perform with a variety of dust types. We achieve this through the evaluation of different media types. We pay particular attention to the selection of filtering velocities for inlet dust load conditions. This this step ensures the best possible solution for your operations. At Dust Extraction Solutions, we understand that a high dust load concentrated on your filters can impair performance and result in costly filter replacements.

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Plasma Welding Fume Extraction from Dust Extraction Solutions.

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Advantages Of Dust Collector & Fume Control System:

The main advantage of the Reverse Pulse Dust Collector and Fume Control system is that it can be run continuously. Dust Extraction Solutions carries the latest in Reverse Pulse Dust & Fume control systems. We offer all Cartridge types & Bag Houses and fabric Filter type collectors from 1000cfm to 50,000cfm plus!!

Our self-maintaining silo-vents are specifically designed to filter your product from the air and return it to the silo. They also reduce the silo’s temperature and humidity for optimal storage.

Our clean-and-capture tools include both low and high efficiency wet scrubbers. We also carry high pressure vacuum systems and our spark arrestors are second to none in the prevention to prevent the dangerous expulsion of flammable debris.

With Dust Extraction Solutions extensive experience in the field of design, supply and servicing we can offer you the correct system to minimise ongoing maintenance.

Explosion Vents, Rotary Valve Discharge,Abrasive Inlets,Modified Hoppers
Screw Conveyor,Briquette Machine,Dump Valves
1 2 3 4


DES CX1-4 4 1 40
DES CX2-4 4 1 40
DES CX2-8 8 1 80
DES CX3-12 12 1 120
DES CX3-18 18 1 180
DES CX3-24 24 2 240
DES CX3-36 36 3 360
DES CX3-48 48 4 480
DES CX3-60 60 5 600
DES CX4-16 16 1 160
DES CX4-32 32 2 320
DES CX4-48 48 3 480
DES CX4-64 64 4 640
DES CX4-48 48 5 480
DES CX4-96 96 6 960

NOTE: Filters areas shown are for standard 80/20 media. Please click filters for applications that require different filter area and design.

Types of filters

  • Close pleated for fine and dry dusts
  • Wide pleats for coarse dust applications
  • 80/20 CELLULOSE
  • On-line Cleaning with High Pressure Air that is blown through the centre of the filter cartridge releasing dust particles.
  • Continuous cleaning without the need to close down your production line or jeopardise the performance of the dust extractor when shutting sections down for long intervals of cleaning
  • Solenoids transmit signals from the control Timer to the diaphragm valves. These open up and allow high pressure air down the inner clean side of the filter. Dislodging particles.
  • Fully Welded construction of carbon steel is the main collector housing
  • Inserting filters slide easily into place on a directional track
  • Explosion Vents
  • Optional discharge arrangements via Rotary Valves, Screw Conveyors or directly into a sealed drum with flexible connection


  • Longer life expectancy for your filters
  • Less downtime with your production facility
  • No Tools needed to change filters
  • Quick & Easy to change filters
  • The Control Timer can be adjusted to allow different pulse settings when there are variations in your productivity. Dust loads can change dramatically therefore having the abilty to change settings can have an extensive effect on the life of the filters. Saving you dollars on costly filter changes
  • Fully Welded Seams guarantees no air leaks
  • Smaller Foot Print maximizes your factory space

Extraction System Installation includes;

  • Concept Designs and Cost Estimates
  • Project Management
  • Construction Supervision
  • Professional Labor Hire
  • Materials Handling
  • Pneumatic Conveying: Systems, Equipment & Spares
  • Vacuum Conveying: Systems, Equipment & Spares
  • Centralized Vacuum Cleaning Systems & Spares
  • Process Trim Waste Handling Systems
  • Dust and Fume Pollution Control, Systems, Equipment, Service & Spares

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