Dust collector / extractor for abrasive blasting ( Sand blasting in a confined space )

Abrasive blasting is essentially a highly precise mechanized form of sanding. In the most commonly used form, a stream of abrasive material is propelled with compressed air against a surface. This material can be composed of metallic or non-metallic pieces. The stream is used to smooth rough edges, shape surfaces and in some cases remove surface impurities. An inevitable by-product of this process is the production of dust.


There are a host of health dangers associated with the inhalation of dust, with the degree of danger dependent upon the nature and size of the dust created. The smallest particulates are the most dangerous, and all dust represents a threat to machines, shortening lifespans and increasing frequency of maintenance.

Fortunately, Dust Extraction Solutions develop and design solutions well suited to removing the by-products of metallic or non-metallic abrasive blasting. It can spare both your employees and your machinery the negative consequences of freely-floating dust. The experts at Dust Extraction Solutions will recommend the best and most efficient dust extraction system for your specific facility.