Dust Extraction Solutions can provide you with a ventilation system for your factory, warehouse or other industrial areas, designed to ACGIH (American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists) guidelines.

If you find your workplace holds odorous smells & gases, is prone to dust and fumes, welding and vehicle exhaust fumes, general air contaminants, is stuffy in summer and holds moisture and condensation in winter, a ventilation system is just what you need. They are a fantastic system because they are specifically tailored for industrial environments and can regulate all aspects of air control. Some of the benefits you will notice after installing a ventilation system is that the air is cleaner and the environment in general is a lot more comfortable.

Factory / Industrial Warehouse Ventilation System Design

Ventilation systems are specially designed for individual situations, the main ventilation fan can be roof mounted, floor mounted or wall mounted. In most cases fresh air needs to be brought in from the exterior. Special HEPA & Carbon Filters can be introduced as a precaution as a filtration system. For example, food environments filtered air rated at M5 efficiency, free of fibre glass and are microbiologically inactive meeting the VDI Guideline 6022 for hygiene requirements in HVAC systems.

These ventilation systems can keep the air in your industrial building clean and fresh. It will replace the contaminated air with fresh, clean air. Not only will this improve your working conditions but it will benefit you and your staff by erasing what could be a potential health hazard.

factory Ventilation System melbourne design specifications

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