Q. Why consider a reverse pulse cartridge filter over a conventional filter bag dust collector?
A. Cartridge dust collectors can house more filtration area (m2) into a given smaller floor space with lower headroom than a filter bag dust collector. Saves on your factory space and any modification to your building
Q. Are cartridges easier to change than standard filter bags?
A. With a cartridge dust collector, there is no heed to enter the filter casing to change the cartridges thereby eliminating the need for confined space working. (confined areas need to be permitted and requires 2 people. One person as a spotter.  Also gas a gas detector is required for certain products). All cartridges are replaced/inspected from outside the body of the unit. 
Q. Do cartridges last longer than bag filters?
A. If a maintenance schedule is implemented then cartridges will last far longer. By rotating filters on a consistent time basis this will give longevity to the filters. Filter bags can easily bridge if the system is undersized. 
Q. Do cartridges load up more than filter bags?
A. No. We use a strict air to cloth filtration ratio, recommended by industrial standards. We will also design the extractor with a lower air to cloth ratio and if needed we will add a pre dropout hopper to capture heavier bulky particles.
Q. How many persons are required to change the cartridges?
A. One person can easily change two cartridges in a matter of minutes. There is no need to remove, heavy steel door lids, blow tube bars, venturis, filter bag cages or clamps thereby reducing downtime and labour costs.
Q. What is the method of construction for the housings?
A. The main outer body casing and hoppers are all manufactured from 5.0 and 8.0 mm mild steel plate, fully robotically welded, blast cleaned, primed and painted. No external stiffening is required like bag houses.
Q. How are the cartridges cleaned?
A.Compressed air is used to reverse clean the cartridges. Conventional dust collectors require 7.0 bar ( 101 psi) to clean the filter bags, whereas cartridge dust collector require only 5.0 bar ( 72.5 psi) thereby reducing compressed air consumption. “on demand” cleaning based on pressure differential across the bags can also help reduce compressed air consumption.
Q. Are cartridge dust collectors easier to install?
A. Cartridge dust collectors are delivered to site with cartridges already fitted and only the support legs, hoppers and valves  need to be assembled. The total unit can then be lifted into position. 
Q. Where is the main extraction fan located?
A. The main extraction fan can be located on the roof of the dust collector or on the ground adjacent to the unit.All fans are supplied with discharge silencers.
Q. Can the cartridge dust collectors be extended to cater for additional air volume?
A. The dust collectors are of a modular construction and additional modules can be added should a larger air volume be required.
Q. Are spare components available ex stock?
A. Most types of cartridges, valves, and controllers are kept normally in stock at our factory or can be sourced quickly.
Q. Can the units be easily serviced?
A. Cartridges are accessed through individual circular hatches and inspected or replaced in a matter of minutes. Valves and electronic controllers can accessed from outside the unit. A scissor lift can access all components, thereby eliminating the initial cost of cages access ladders and walkways. 
Q. Do you install & service?
A. Yes our qualified team can install and set up an ongoing maintenance schedule