Dust Extractors Service & Maintenance

We refurbish, service & supply parts for many types of Dust Extractors, Bag Houses, Cartridge Collectors, Reverse Pulse, Shakers, whether they have had a fire, just need a general refurbishment or routine maintenance.

Having a routine service check in place prolongs the life of your equipment and will minimise loss in airflow through your dust extraction system.

Having efficient extraction system minimises nasty dust and fumes in your work place.

Healthier staff better productivity!


  • Cloth filter bags, antistatic spun bond polyester to high temperature applications
  • Snap cuff
  • Slip on for veturies
  • Wire support Cages
  • Venturies
  • Blow tube seals
  • Cartridge filters, with or without mesh outer liner
  • Solenoids
  • Timers
  • Door seals


pdf-logo See our attached PDF service check list.

Find out more about our products and system, please contact us at sales@dustextraction.com.au