The importance of a dust & fume ventilation system

Ventilation systems are crucial when it comes to ensuring your factory, warehouse or other workspace is kept in a hygienic and healthy state. Because we all spend the majority of our awake time at work, it is incredibly important for these places to be of a suitable, high standard and up to all health regulations. At the end of the day, if your employees are in a comfortable environment, their output is going to be maximised. Good ventilation is essential if you want your building torun efficiently, with your staff working at their best.

Symptoms of ventilation problems

There are numerous ways to tell if you need to install a ventilation system in your workspace. First and foremost, you could notice uncomfortable or unpleasant conditions such odours, air borne contaminates. Along with this, if there are noticeable haze which lingers around for hours, or even days on end, that is a sure fire sign that you need to install a suitable ventilation system. Other factors which indicate this could include are noticeable dust particles on stock, work place stations, walls, windows. Obviously adds to a costly cleanup bill, damage to stock and plant, plus health-­related complaints from staff. While this is just a handful of reasons which may suggest your building has a ventilation problem, every case is different and the main thing to remember is that if your workspace feels uncomfortable in anyway, it is probably due to ventilation problems.

Benefits of a ventilation system

There are so, so, so many benefits of having a ventilation system in your workspace. You will notice almost immediately the clean air environment however after a while you will comment that the stock and machinery are kept cleaner. Less cleaning and a more efficient production place. So here we will outline some of these benefits. Not only does a good ventilation system enhance the longevity of a building, machinery, stock and materials used, but it also benefits those who occupy it. There have been many studies which have proven workers who are provided with fresh air are more productive that those who are not. Good ventilation will provide a healthy, comfortable and productive environment, so it really should be a priority for all employers.

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